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Ken Keyes' Jr Science of Happiness and the Living Love System are NOT a religion, belief system, counseling, therapy, or advice. The Science of Happiness, Living Love System is a 2-4-4 system of easy to use methods and processes developed by Ken Keyes. You can use the methods and processes to change your life for the better, without quilting or blaming yourself or others.

feelings that you have. You realize that it is an evasion to blame “others.”
You’ve been doing it to yourself!
You can stop being a mechanical, computer-like person who views himself as
“pushed around” by the world when you realize that only you can “push”
yourself. You begin to see the connection between your emotional
programming and your suffering. You start doing something about it -- which
means reprogramming yourself.
Your mind creates your universe. Your expectations, demands, hopes, fears,
addictions, motivations, past experience, your language system, your
individual accumulation of ideas, theories, and intellectual stuff, your
emotions, the structure and functioning of your nervous system and the
feedback from your entire body all interact in a complex way to produce your
perceptions -- the “picture” you create from the energies you receive through
your various senses from people and things around you. Your perceptions are
thus a joint phenomenon of the observer and the observed.
You receive a feedback from the people and things around you that
continually modifies your processing of incoming sensory data. For example,
a loving person lives in a loving world. As loving individuals flow through
their moment-to-moment lives, their gentle, accepting consciousness is
mirrored by the people around them. As the Proverbs remind us, “A soft
answer turneth away wrath.”
Similarly, a hostile person lives in a hostile world. If you go about with
rockness inside you, if you view others as competitive to you, if you have a
thin surface politeness with instant anger, ridicule, and antagonism when
things don’t go your way, you will create people around you that have exactly
those characteristics. In other words, your actions create the reactions of
people around you -- except when you are with people living in the Fourth (or
higher) Center of Consciousness. Conscious beings remain loving and
centered no matter how tense the drama around them.
The world thus tends to be your mirror. A peaceful person lives in a peaceful
world. An angry person creates an angry world. A helpful person generates
helpful, loving energy in others. An unfriendly person should not be surprised
when he or she meets only people who sooner or later respond in an
unfriendly way. A happy person finds the world filled with happy people --
for even unhappy people experience temporary happiness and joy when they
are with a genuinely happy and joyous person!
Sometimes people mirror you but with a reverse image. When you are
addicted to one side of a polarity, you can create the opposite polarity around
you. For example, if you are compulsively and addictively neat and orderly,
others around you will tend to be more sloppy than usual. If, on the other
hand, you are addictively sloppy, you can create neatness responses around
you. The polarity of your programming may evoke an opposite ego response
in the people with whom you interact.
As you grow in consciousness, you begin to realize the hundreds of ways in
which you create the consciousness of everyone around you. And, of course,
they reciprocally play a part in determining the contents of your moment-tomoment
consciousness. This feedback of consciousness offers exquisite
cosmic humor when you clearly see what is really happening . . .
As you understand your polarities and free yourself, you begin to tune in to
everyone in their deeper levels of being -- where we are alike and experience
oneness together. When you free yourself of your addictions, you help to free
others of their addictions.
Your predictions and expectations are thus self-fulfilling. Since your
consciousness creates your universe, all you have to do to change your world
is to change your consciousness! It’s the only way to live in a beautiful,
joyous world. As you learn to use the Twelve Pathways to become a more
loving, conscious being, you will find yourself living in an Ocean of loving,
conscious beings. Without trying to change others, you will be acting in a
way that is maximally effective in helping others become more loving and
I accept myself completely here and now and consciously experience
everything I feel, think, say, and do (including my emotion-backed
addictions) as a necessary part of my growth into higher consciousness.

 The Living Love Way to Higher Consciousness is based on the instant
emotional acceptance here and now of that which you previously regarded as
unacceptable in your life. Acceptance simply means that you won’t cause
yourself emotional conflict because of your current perceptions. Emotional
acceptance doesn’t mean that you have to continue living the rest of your life
with any particular person or situation. You are free to do anything you prefer
to do -- but don’t be addicted to the results of your actions. If someone does

something that “hurts your ego,” you will grow fastest if you consciously
regard him or her as your teacher who is enabling you to discover which
addictions you will have to reprogram.
You really savor living when you consciously experience everything that you
feel and do as taking place in the theater that we call our world. You see
yourself and others as actors in the daily drama of life. But the real you is not
your body or mind. You’re not the actor. The real you is your Consciousawareness.
And your Conscious-awareness is just digging the whole show
from the audience. Shakespeare wrote,
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women, merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts.
When you watch the entire drama of your life and that of other people from
the safe vantage point of the audience, you begin to provide a distance that
enables you to see your addictions more clearly. You will find it easier to
completely accept the addictive dramas that you have to play out on the stage
of your life. You will find a turned-on joy in consciously experiencing
everything as a necessary part of your growth into higher consciousness.
To grow in the Living Love Way, you do not have to drill yourself and
criticize yourself with military precision. Just experience everything in an
accepting, relaxed, and conscious way -- and realize that every one of your
experiences is perfect for your here and now growth into higher
consciousness. Your addictions will gradually fade away when you use the
Living Love Pathways to consciously interpret your moment-to-moment
stream of consciousness. Don’t push the river -- just experience the river
consciously from the vantage point of the Twelve Pathways.

Chapter 7
Interacting With Others

Flowing -- not manipulation -- is the way of higher consciousness. Flowing
means moving with the forces around us -- being in tune with the vibrations
of the people and things in our environment. Flowing enables us to find the
love, beauty, and peace that we are missing in our lives. But flowing is
impossible based on the models of how to be happy that we learned in our
childhood, for we cannot flow or harmonize when we are the slaves of our
addictions. Our addictions force us to manipulate ourselves -- and others. As
adults whose minds and bodies have completed their structural growth, we
have the potential of flowing in the river of our lives in a beautiful, loving
I open myself genuinely to all people by being willing to fully
communicate my deepest feelings, since hiding in any degree keeps me
stuck in my illusion of separateness from other people.

 As you begin to uplevel all of your addictions to the status of preferences (or
eliminate them entirely), you will discover that you no longer have anything
to hide from other people. It then feels good to be able to communicate with
each person exactly what your are experiencing. As you grow into higher
consciousness through eliminating your addictions, you will be able to drop
all deceptive, subject-object manipulation in the games you have been playing
-- the money game, the security game, the male-female game, the prestige
game, the power game, the knowledge game, the expert game, etc. These can
be beautiful games to play when you play them consciously and lovingly, but
they generate suffering and unhappiness when you play them addictively.
When you are not completely open and truthful to all people -- when you are
trying to hide a part of your inner feelings -- you continue the illusion of
separateness from others. Hasn’t everyone been caught up in the addictions
for security, sensation, and power? Are you under the illusion that you have
desires and feelings that are so horrible that others will be shocked? Or are
we really all one? Deep inside, all of us have experienced this self-imposed
suffering and isolation that keeps us from being peaceful and loving -- even
though we may not have perceived it as self-imposed. We have all been in
similar predicaments at one time or another in our lives.

One of the ways out of this wall of isolation is to communicate, “Well, here I
am. This is what my addictions are making me feel here and now. I accept
myself (including my addictions) as being on an unfolding journey toward a
peaceful, loving state of higher consciousness.”
When you’re around someone who is experiencing fairly continuous states of
higher consciousness, you can be sure that he or she will conditionally accept
you exactly where you are now -- for he or she has traveled over the same
road and prefers to help you. You can grow fastest and enjoy the trip most
(even though your remaining addictions make it a bit rocky sometimes) if you
can relax and just communicate fully.
It feels so good to be able to just open up and let people see all of you.
You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can then cut through their drama and
accept you without the phony masks and roles with which you previously
identified. You have every right to feel exactly as you feel. If “others” are
bothered, that’s their problem. You’re their teacher giving them experiences
they need to reprogram their addictions -- just as they are your teacher
enabling you to find your addictions.
When you consistently use the Pathways, you do not have to scream,
viciously attack, or otherwise unduly threaten another person in order to
communicate your deepest feelings. You don’t need to lay judgments on
people or prove them wrong. You just talk about your own consciousness.
Instead of, “You are horrible and I don’t want to ever see you again,” you can
say, “You’ve put me in touch with one of my addictions, and right now I feel
so angry at you I don’t want to be with you.” When you just talk about your
own consciousness, you give both yourself and the other person a better
chance to work through the addictive programming that produces the illusion
of separateness.
The Ninth Pathway suggests that you give yourself a short period of time to
work through the emotion caused by your addiction. But if you are at the
beginning of your consciousness growth, you may find it more important to
communicate quickly so that your relationships are always “up front.”
Remember, hiding separates; openness unites.
As you grow into higher consciousness, you will become aware of the many
ways in which you have been involved in complex role playing, with hidden
“shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that create complicated patterns of demanding
and expectation. You can work effectively toward the “us” space when you

genuinely and openly communicate your feelings and reveal the security,
sensation, and power dance that you have been doing. You will find that you
can usually cut through these ensnaring dramas by expressing your
preferences clearly to yourself and others. You will realize that open
communication of your innermost feelings helps your ego (and the egos of
other people) to get free of addictive programming which in the long run only
produces unhappiness and alienation.

I feel with loving compassion the problems of others without getting
caught up emotionally in their predicaments that are offering them
messages they need for their growth.

 All your emotional problems are created by your addictions. Your growth
into higher consciousness consists of becoming free of these traps. When you
interact with people who are still involved in this automatic computer-like
emotional programming, it is important that you learn to feel their problems
with loving compassion, but without getting caught up emotionally in their
predicaments. Compassionate understanding -- yes; pity and commiseration
-- no.
Compassion means that when you empathize with the predicaments of other
people, you silently send out the vibration, “Yes, I know. I’ve been there too.
It’s OK to feel the way you do -- however, try to see that it’s all drama. Life
always has its ‘tigers’ -- and we do what we can about them. But above all,
let’s be sure to continuously enjoy the ‘strawberries.’ There are always
enough strawberries to enjoy our here and now if we don’t put all of our
attention on the tigers!”
Compassion means that you understand the duality and separation they are
creating in themselves by rejecting what is here and now in their lives -- but
you do not get caught up in their poignant drama. Compassion means that
you realize that you can do the most for other people when you stay centered
and high and loving whenever you are around them for they are playing out
their addictions, suffering because of them, and hopefully picking up the
messages life is offering them. Compassion means that you love and serve
them from a clear love space, and not from a compulsiveness or guilt
motivated by your remaining security, sensation, or power addictions.
You learn not to give gifts that you cannot emotionally afford to give. When
you resent helping someone, this creates obligations, duality, and separation.

You cannot psychologically afford to give such help, and the recipient cannot
afford to receive it. The price in personal distance and separation is too high
if you give to avoid a feeling of “guilt” or from a “should” or “ought”
When you help someone because of a feeling of obligation or duty rather than
free-flowing love, you may find yourself resenting the person for needing
your help. These negative feelings can prevent you from being sensitive to
his or her real here-and-now needs, and doing or saying what would really be
helpful. Very often just being in a loving space with a person as you listen to
him or her is more helpful than any advice you could give.
When you can “help” someone with a feeling of love and oneness -- you just
do it because it feels good to you. When you feel oneness with another, there
is no giver or receiver -- there’s just us here. It’s like one hand washing
another. You are just letting energy flow through you.
When you are with someone who is trapped in the suffering caused by
addictions, you use this as an opportunity to work on your consciousness.
The greatest thing you can do for “others” is to remain happy and loving
when you are with them. You do not get caught up as a supporting actor no
matter how tragic the role they are playing in the drama of their life. It’s their
thing to play this role. They probably chose this role (either consciously or
unconsciously) and are clinging to it. The best way to give them a chance to
free themselves from their addictive trap is for you to avoid getting caught up
emotionally in the “stuff” that they are taking so seriously. They are not that
“stuff” with which they are identifying. Behind all that, here we are.
As the Law of Higher Consciousness suggests, the game is to “Love
Everyone Unconditionally -- Including Yourself.” As you begin to increase
the number of people for whom you feel unconditional love, you will be
aware of the many security, sensation, and power dramas that each of them is
busily playing out. You realize that you cannot, in practice, have enough time
and energy to love everyone you meet if you have a “bleeding heart”
response to the heap of problems people are creating in their lives.
Your life works best when you love, serve, and flow your loving energy -- not
from a lower consciousness motivation of “I am helping you,” or “I will save
you,” but simply from the awareness that “the universe gave this energy to me
and it feels good to pass it along.” As you become more conscious, your
energy will increase. And also, as you become more conscious, less of it will

be drained by your own security, sensation, and power addictions. You will
then liberate a continuous stream of energy which will flow into loving and
serving people around you.

I act freely when I am tuned in, centered, and loving, but if possible I
avoid acting when I am emotionally upset and depriving myself of the
wisdom that flows from love and expanded consciousness.

 When you are emotionally upset, you energize the addictive patterns of other
people who are also caught in the lower levels of consciousness. They will
mirror your uptightness, and will not be tuned in, perceptive, and able to fully
understand what you are trying to tell them. They will reflect your inner
conflicts, for you will trigger their addictions -- and this will interfere with
effective communication. The things you do or say when you have stirred up
your emotions and the emotions of other people will be handled in a way that
is destructive of peace, love, and oneness. You may be able to pull a power
trip to make something happen -- but it will not feel right to all concerned.
And the future consequences of your actions will cause greater future
Bad vibrations, like the measles, are contagious. Every time you interact with
anger, resentment, or fear, you add a little reinforcement to the addictions
from which we wish to be liberated. You know the story of the man who
bawled out his friend, and the friend went home and fought with his wife,
who spanked her child, who then kicked the cat.
Now let’s turn it around -- for good vibrations are also catching. Let’s be the
man who complimented his friend, and the friend went home and kissed his
wife, who was so extra loving to her child that he gave the cat some milk
without even being asked!
To avoid adding to the total sum of the bad vibrations in the world, unless you
are in physical danger, wait until you are tuned in, centered, and loving before
you act. Then your perception and wisdom may lead you to choose a more
effective course of action. But even if you do the same thing that you
originally intended to do, it now has a better chance of success because the
consciousness level of everyone concerned is elevated. Instead of acting out
a drama of addictions, you are, here and now, communicating as a tuned-in
human being telling what you feel and what you prefer.

The Seventh Pathway and the Ninth Pathway put you in an interesting
predicament. The Seventh Pathway tells you to communicate your deepest
feelings, and the Ninth Pathway says for you to withhold your
communication, if possible, until you are perceptive, centered, and loving.
What this means is that you are always ready to be completely open and to
communicate with people, but if you are caught in the grip of a disturbing
emotion, you give yourself a little time to work on your addiction -- rather
than acting out the fight-or-flight feeling you have triggered.
A part of your growth into higher consciousness will be associated with how
perceptively you handle these two Pathways. You can use the Ninth Pathway
to hide -- or you can use it to delay your responses to people long enough to
give the other Pathways an opportunity to rescue you from the negative
emotions you have triggered. Always remember that you cannot put off for
long your making an up-front communication of your deepest feelings if you
wish to be conscious, perceptive, and loving. Unexpressed feelings act like a
cancer in your brain that malignantly spreads -- warping your perceptions and
bringing you alienation and suffering. You thus learn to use the Seventh and
Ninth Pathways to create more and more aliveness and beauty in all of your
relationships with other people.

Chapter 8
Discovering My Conscious Awareness

The Twelve Pathways give you a complete solution to every emotional
problem in your life. Whenever you experience uncomfortable emotional
waves, you will find that the Pathways are always ready to steer you around
the rocks into the peaceful waters.

I am continually calming the restless scanning of my rational mind in
order to perceive the finer energies that enable me to unitively merge
with everything around me.

 When our wonderful biocomputers are dominated by our addictions, our
consciousness is scattered and harried. Our consciousness is then like a
television set that drifts from the channel, that turns off when we want to use
it, that sometimes won’t stay turned off when we wish to sleep, that is subject
to fading, and that will tune in only the lower channels. We would not
tolerate this type of performance from a television set, but unfortunately most
of us are so accustomed to the poor performance of our minds that we often
accept such inefficiency as “normal.”
What is meant when the Tenth Pathway tells you to calm the restless scanning
of your rational mind? As you grow in awareness, you will begin to realize
that the activity of your rational mind is generally sparked by your security,
sensation, and power motivations. You are trying to hold onto something you
do have, get something you don’t have, or avoid something you don’t want.
You discover how your rational mind has become a pawn commanded by
your ego to “rationalize” your security, sensation, and power demands and
expectations. You begin to see that many of the “clever” things your rational
mind devises to say to other people just turn out to be separating and
alienating responses that keep you out of the “us” space.
As you lessen the heavy load of addictions you have been carrying, your
rational mind becomes quieter and quieter, and you begin to increase your
insight and perceptiveness. You begin to have a choice that was not available
before regarding the things that you say and do. You begin to tune in to the
finer energies around you when the precious space on the screen of your
consciousness is not occupied by the emergency alarms triggered by your
addictive security, sensation, and power models of how the world should be.

The Living Love Way enables you to live in this powerful realm of higher
consciousness by setting you free from your addictions, goals, and
expectations that you have unknowingly programmed as essential to your
happiness. For the structure and function of your biocomputer are such that
this addictive programming triggers your thoughts, ideas, and words in a
persistent and dominating way.
The cultivation of preferences (in place of addictions) does not keep your
rational mind churning and scanning -- for preferences are not sought after
goals that keep you restless. With preferences, you simply flow along in the
nowness of your daily life. Whenever the here and now offers you a choice,
you pick the one that most fits in with your preferences. But either way --
everything feels all right. Your rational mind is not excited into restless,
striving activity. Preferences let you stay in touch with the here and now in
your life. They enable your mind to become calmer and calmer -- until it
functions as a powerful, quiet, one-pointed, peaceful, effective servant to your
Thus the Living Love System enables you to transcend tensions, anxiety, and
conflict into a flowing acceptance of all of life. Your escape from lower
consciousness levels helps to free you from the restless scanning of your
rational mind so that you are constantly in touch with that deep, calm place
inside of you from which you peacefully, lovingly, and blissfully watch the
drama of your life.
I am constantly aware of which of the Seven Centers of Consciousness I
am using, and I feel my energy, perceptiveness, love, and inner peace
growing as I open all of the Centers of Consciousness.
The Seven Centers of Consciousness (explained later in this book) consist of
a seven-step scale that can tell you each moment of your life exactly where
you are in your journey toward higher consciousness. By using the sevenstep
consciousness scale, you clarify your minute-to-minute drama and add
realism and depth to your life. You discover that your energy, love, insight,
and inner peace will fluctuate up and down when your consciousness is
involved in the lower three Centers. As you learn to uplevel your
consciousness, you unlock enormous energy. You enjoy being able to
unconditionally love and accept everyone. By letting yourself grow toward

the higher Centers of Consciousness, you find the beautiful inner peace that
you have always sought in your life.
In Living Love we work to integrate all of the Centers. Everything in your
life has aspects on all of the Centers. You begin your growth toward higher
consciousness when you first escape from being preoccupied with the lower
three Centers of Security, Sensation, and Power -- and uplevel your
consciousness to include the unconditional Love Center and Cornucopia
Center. Then you begin to watch your drama from the Conscious-awareness
Center. By seeing your drama from this meta-center you impartially witness
all your thoughts and actions on the five lower Centers. In the next phase of
consciousness growth, one goes behind this Conscious-awareness Center into
the Seventh Center -- Cosmic Consciousness -- that peaceful place where one
has eliminated personal boundaries and has unitively merged with the
surrounding world.

I am perceiving everyone, including myself, as an awakening being who
is here to claim his or her birthright to the higher consciousness planes of
unconditional love and oneness.

 Everyone you meet, including yourself, has the capacity for clear perception,
wisdom, effectiveness, peace, and love. We are equal beings. But unless one
has consciously worked toward higher consciousness, this hidden splendor
within may be smothered by the addictive games that keep one separated and
isolated. It will help us in our journey to higher consciousness (as well as
being most helpful to others) if we regard everyone, including ourselves, as
fellow travellers on the road to awakening.
We begin to realize that everything we do is either a skillful or unskillful
attempt to find love and oneness. Even if someone yells at you or hits you, he
is trying to manipulate you so that you can fit the pattern of his addictions --
and thus permit him to love you in his conditional way. When your ego
permits you to see the here-and-now actions of people with perspective, you
realize that there is practically nothing that anyone can do that you have not
either done or wanted to do at some time in your life. We’re just not that
different from each other. Our egos and our rational minds keep us
continually judging other people so as to put them in the wrong and thus give
us a supposed advantage. A conscious being simply sees, with a compassion
that is born of insight and perspective, that everyone is on the road to

awakening. We learn to love others by accepting and loving ourselves -- and
vice versa.
You realize that in place of the judgmental terms (such as good and bad) that
we use to separate ourselves in our consciousness from each other, the
simplest and most helpful ethical standard is to see things as degrees of
separateness and oneness. You view the thoughts and actions that separate
you on the lower part of the ethical scale. The thoughts and actions which
unite you are on the upper part of the scale. Instead of labeling things “good”
or “bad,” you simply use your insight to determine to what extent your
thoughts or actions separate or unite you in your feelings toward others. That
which makes you feel separate tends to keep your life from working
effectively, and that which enables YOU to experience love and unity permits
you to harmonize your energy with the energies of the world around you.
Whenever you are in doubt about whether to do something or not, just ask
yourself whether it makes you feel more separate from people or more loving
toward people.
When you see how it all is -- when you see everything that happens in your
life as a moment-to-moment acting out of the great drama of your addictions
-- you will realize how you constantly smother the potential that you have
within you. Higher consciousness means that you experience a flowing
harmony with all of the interacting people and things in the world around you.
This permits you to emotionally accept whatever is here and now in your life.
Higher consciousness is not a mystical, metaphysical, far-out state. It is a
practical, beautiful state of mind which is your birthright as a human being.

Chapter 9
The Seven Centers of Consciousness

In the Living Love System, we use a seven-step scale that will enable you to
measure your pattern of growth toward higher consciousness. This scale
consists of three lower Centers of Consciousness -- Security, Sensation, and
Power -- and four higher Centers of Consciousness -- Love, Cornucopia,
Conscious-awareness, and Cosmic Consciousness.
These Centers act as filters that generate your particular private experience of
the here and now in your life. Information coming into your biocomputer --
from your eyes, ears, and other sensory receptors, plus the memory banks of
the brain and the thoughts generated by the rational mind -- are processed
through these programmings. These programmings determine your own
unique experience of the here and now. The emotional areas of the brain
trigger various feelings as called for by your addictive programming. This in
turn feeds back and intensifies your particular flow of energy and thought
The lower three Centers of Consciousness were developed for survival in the
jungle phase of the evolution of our species. In general, the automated
priority of awareness in an animal is to first check incoming information for
its security aspects, then its sensation (food or sex) possibilities, then its
threats to the power boundaries with which the animal identifies. For
example, a cat may be operating on the sensation level enjoying a meal when
an unexpected noise may instantly activate a security consciousness that
prepares the animal for fight or flight. All this is done on an automated basis
without conscious thought.
In spite of the fact that the potential for higher consciousness is available to
us as we leave childhood, we often remain trapped in these automated
responses of security, sensation, and power consciousness. For example,
when we use our security programming, we automatically trigger the
experience of fear. If we don’t get the sensations we desire, we automatically
trigger a frustrating disappointed feeling. And if our power, pride, or prestige
boundaries are violated -- like automatons -- we instantly trigger the
experience of anger, hostility, irritation, hate, etc. We often combine two or
more of these filters simultaneously to create our individual picture of the
now moment.

One of the benefits of the seven-step consciousness scale is to enable you to
see your drama from a perspective so that you can choose the filters you wish
to use in generating your experience. This conscious choice of programs is
not available to a young child or an animal. Young children and animals are
trapped in their automatic programming. To see your drama clearly is to be
liberated from it, so that you do not have to compulsively act out the subjectobject
scripts of your jungle ancestors.
A beautiful aspect of the consciousness scale is that each time you go up a
step in the scale, your life gives you:
1. More energy.
2. More contact with people.
3. More enjoyment.
An important characteristic of the three lower Centers is that you can never
get enough to enjoy your life continuously when you are using the security,
sensation, and power filters to interpret the here and now in your life. You
can use these filters to make limited improvements in your life. But out of the
billions of people who have lived on earth, no one has experienced enough
security, enough delightful sensations, and enough power to be continuously
happy and fulfilled. The experience of enoughness only starts as you begin to
generate your consciousness more and more from the Fourth Center -- the
Love Center.
The reason why the lower Centers cannot bring you enough is that they cause
constant distortions in perceiving people and life situations. These Centers
keep you from loving unconditionally and make you relate to people as
objects instead of as beings just like you. They make you waste energy
compulsively running toward or away from situations. These lower Centers
subject you to simultaneous, multiple addictions that conflict with each other
and require the biocomputer to do something about the heavy emotional
overload. When overloaded with conflicting addictive demands that are not
being satisfied, the experience of the here and now is grayed over with
repression, anxiety, depression, and dullness. These emotions are used by
your biocomputer to slow you down and keep you from tearing yourself apart
with conflicting demands, desires, and expectations generated by your
security, sensation, and power consciousness.
It should be remembered that life in a jungle frequently poses the threat of
instant death to its animal inhabitants. We have a beautiful white cat that

purrs and is most loving to the people in our house. When this cat goes out
into the yard, however, it will crouch down, stalk, and kill birds if it can. The
automated response patterns of any nearby birds must be able to handle the
life or death aggressiveness of the cat when it plays out its jungle
We have nervous systems that were evolved over millions of years to cope
with this immediate threat to life. It has probably been quite a long time since
you or I were actually threatened with immediate death. But these
mechanisms of fight or flight that were so protective in the jungle are still
operating in our biocomputers. They may be helpful if you were in a boat
that overturned and you had to swim one mile to a nearby island. This threat
to your life, when processed by your lower three Centers of Consciousness,
would bring about autonomic nervous system responses that would enable
you to swim in a way that you’ve never been able to swim before. But in
over 99% of your normal daily interactions with people and life situations
around you, these fear, disappointment, and anger emotions are not helpful in
enabling you to get the most enjoyment and effectiveness from your life. For
example if someone criticizes you, your angry response will tend to bring you
additional criticism -- “stuff” you might avoid if you could just consciously
hear the criticism and perhaps ignore it, if inappropriate, or use it if it fits.
The Seven Centers of Consciousness should be used as growth tools -- and
not as another way to criticize yourself or to generate an experience of
inadequacy or inferiority. You do not need to fiercely attack yourself because
you caught yourself on level three when you decided to spend the day on
level four. No part of the Living Love System should be used addictively to
create expectations that make you drive yourself, berate yourself, complain
about yourself -- or anyone else.
The Living Love Way works best if you simply stay with it and notice in a
quiet, accepting, meditative way where you are from moment to moment.
And remember, where you are is perfect for your consciousness growth -- you
shouldn’t be anywhere else -- here and now. You simply notice what is
happening in your moment-to-moment stream of consciousness as seen from
the vantage point of the Living Love Way. And each time you use one of the
Living Love Methods, you will find that you are becoming more peaceful and
loving in a situation that previously would have resulted in your emotionally
thrashing around and upsetting yourself and others.

On the next page you will find a summary of the Seven Centers of
Consciousness. It will help you if you will learn the seven-point scale so
thoroughly that you will feel (without necessarily analyzing it) which Center
of Consciousness your biocomputer is operating on at each moment.
In the next three chapters you will find detailed descriptions of each Center of


This Center makes you preoccupied with food, shelter, or whatever you
equate with your personal security. This programming forces your
consciousness to be dominated by your continuous battle to get “enough”
from the world in order to feel secure.
This Center is concerned with finding happiness in life by providing yourself
with more and better pleasurable sensations and activities. For many people,
sex is the most appealing of all sensations. Other addictive sensations may
include the sound of music, the taste of food, etc.
When your consciousness is focused on this Center, you are concerned with
dominating people and situations and increasing your prestige, wealth, and
pride -- in addition to thousands of more subtle forms of hierarchy,
manipulation, and control.
At this Center you are transcending subject-object relationships and are
learning to see the world with the feelings and harmonies of flowing
acceptance. You see yourself in everyone -- and everyone in yourself. You
feel compassion for the suffering of those caught in the dramas of security,
sensation, and power. You are beginning to love and accept everyone
unconditionally -- even yourself.
When your consciousness is illuminated by this Center, you experience the
friendliness of the world you are creating. You begin to realize that you’ve
always lived in a perfect world. To the degree that you still have addictions,
the perfection lies in giving you the experience you need to get free of your
emotion-backed demands. As you reprogram your addictions, the perfection
will be experienced as a continuous enjoyment of the here and now in your
life. As you become more loving and accepting, the world becomes a “horn
of plenty” that gives you more than you need to be happy.

It is liberating to have a Center from which your Conscious-awareness
watches your body and mind perform on the lower five centers. This is a
meta-center from which you non-judgmentally witness the drama of your
body and mind. From this Center of Centers, you learn to impartially observe
your social roles and life games from a place that is free from fear and
When you live fully in the Sixth Center of Consciousness, you are ready to
transcend self-awareness and become pure awareness. At this ultimate level,
you are one with everything -- you are love, peace, energy, beauty, wisdom,
clarity, effectiveness, and oneness.

Chapter 10
The Three Centers of Unhappiness

There is nothing about any level of consciousness that is right or wrong, good
or bad, pure or evil. You should feel free to let your consciousness touch on
any of the seven levels. You are where you are -- here and now. Your growth
in Living Love will depend on completely accepting yourself and others --
right here now -- and not in some future time when you have conquered your
Just accept where you are now by realizing that you are experiencing
addictions that give you the feelings you need for your next step in growth.
By joyously using your here and now as a stepping stone, your growth will be
happening in the fastest possible way.
Here is the Living Love scale you can use to develop a moment-by-moment
feeling of where you are in your great adventure into higher consciousness :
What is it that makes you feel secure? What is it that makes you feel
insecure? Your answer to these questions is probably misleading to you, for
your feelings of security are created by your emotional programming -- what
you are telling yourself inside. The outside conditions of your life do not
make you feel either secure or insecure. They only trigger your inside
programming. One person may feel secure with practically no money at all.
Another may feel insecure with a million dollars in the bank.
The Security Center automatically triggers feelings of fear and anxiety when
the outside world does not conform to your security programming. Observe
how much of your time is involved in an unpleasant striving to achieve the
conditions that you tell yourself you must have to feel secure. The Security
Center of Consciousness is very demanding and strongly pulls your
consciousness away from the higher Centers.
You will escape being trapped in this first level of consciousness when you
begin to understand that your feelings of security or insecurity are due to your
emotional programming which you picked up from addicted people before
you were mentally and physically mature. You will also notice the

impossibility of getting enough of whatever it is that you equate with security.
You may be like the rat who is running as fast as he can in a revolving
cartwheel cage. There is no way to get there by running faster -- or by
achieving more efficiently.
Paradoxically, you would probably be safer if you never again experienced
fear in your life -- unless you were actually trapped in a jungle situation faced
with the need for immediate fight or flight on a physical level. You will be far
safer when consciousness replaces the emotional response of fear. For
example, if you wish to cross a busy street, you increase the probability of
being hurt if you are afraid of being hit by speeding automobiles. You will be
safest if you are simply conscious of the automobiles running back and forth
and calmly wait on the curb until there is a break in the traffic. When you
perceive this break, without the slightest experience of fear, paranoia, or
danger, you calmly and peacefully walk across the street. If you were totally
unconscious of what happens when an automobile hits you (as a small child
is), fear would be helpful to make you more aware of the overall situation.
But once you are old enough to be conscious of the various factors involved
in a life situation, a fear response makes you more jumpy and less perceptive,
it uses up your energy by making you tense, and it keeps you from enjoying
your here and now.
You transcend the security level by developing a deeper and deeper
understanding of how your hunger for “security” is all a matter of your
emotional programming. It is a trip that you are doing on your own head.
Your feelings of insecurity are not a necessary consequence of people, things,
and circumstances around you. You will begin to realize that your life right
now is what it is. And if you eliminate your addictive models of how things
should be, you always have enough to feel good right here and right now.
If you prefer to make changes in your life, you can make them far more
effectively when you transcend the addictive programming that makes you
feel insecure. When your consciousness begins to operate more and more in
the Love Center and Cornucopia Center, your higher consciousness will
enable you to flow into situations that offer you far more real security than
your lower-consciousness struggle for “security” will ever provide. For real
security lies only in the love and flowing that you will discover through higher
consciousness. It can never be found in manipulating the world of people and
things around you.



A person who is hung up on the Security Center of Consciousness tells
himself, “I can be happy if I can just feel secure.” However, once he begins
to feel more secure, he finds that this is not quite true. He then feels that if he
can arrange the people and things in his life to provide a constantly varied
pattern of beautiful sensations, he will be happy.
If you are like many people, sex may be your most sought-after sensation.
Your life style may be designed to provide you with sexual sensations. The
people you choose to be with, the clothes you buy, the home you live in, and
the style of speech, thinking, and action that you have developed will tend to
be determined by whatever you calculate will make you appeal to the sexual
partners you most desire. This is known as subject-object sex in which you
are the subject and treat “others” in your life as sexual objects.
There is nothing wrong with doing this except that you are operating on a
level of consciousness that cannot provide happiness. For sex is never
enough. You are tuning in to only a small part of yourself -- and even a
smaller part of others. They are not responding to you as a whole person and
you are not responding to them as a whole person. Behind the exquisite
sexual dance, both of you really feel the shallowness of the subject-object
relationship. You know something is wrong, even though you don’t know
exactly what it is. Because no matter how many terrific sexual orgasms you
may have, they are never enough. Even if you could reach sexual climaxes a
dozen times a day, life would still seem hollow. For this second level of
consciousness can only produce flashes of pleasure and long periods of
indifference and boredom.
Sensations, however “groovy,” can never make you happy if you are
depending on them for happiness. You become driven, thwarted, sometimes
satiated, and not tuned in to the flow of the here and now when you are
chasing sensation after sensation. But the same sensations can be totally
enjoyed when your consciousness is no longer stuck on the second level.
When your consciousness is primarily tuned to the Love Center or the
Cornucopia Center, sensations can add to your happiness as a part of the
here-and-now flow of your life.
Although sex is the sensation that many people are most heavily addicted to,
it is by no means our only addiction on the Second Level. We tell ourselves
that we can find happiness through the taste of food, the sounds of music, the

experience of a special environment that we regard as our impressive home,
the sensations of movies and plays, etc. The search for happiness through
sensations keeps us ingeniously busy -- but nothing is ever enough -- until you
are enough. When you are enough through higher consciousness, everything
can be enjoyed as part of the great drama of your life. Until then, nothing
ever quite does it for you, and the enjoyment you seek will tend to elude you
as long as you addictively demand it. When you uplevel addictions into
preferences, you enjoy it all.
When your consciousness is primarily directed toward providing you with the
sensation patterns to which you are addicted, you will have more energy than
when it was hung up on the Security Center of Consciousness. You will
usually be with more people and you will need to sleep less. An individual
who is hunting for sex is definitely generating more energy than a person who
is worried about his security. In fact, one who is heavily addicted to the
security level will probably have dropped off to sleep during the early part of
the evening. Thus the search for happiness through sensations is definitely an
improvement over the search for happiness on the Security Center of Consciousness. But wisdom, peace, and serenity are not yet in sight.
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